Friday, June 4, 2010

What Does It Take for Me To Get $200 More per Car?

From F&I Insight:

It's no secret that you can't continue to rely on just rate or Vehicle Service Contracts to bring in more money per vehicle. However, with pressure for even more profitability in F&I, how can you bring in $200 more per car?

Selling more ancillary products is the key to success. But, what seems like a no brainer requires a careful approach. The first step is to have five core F&I Products that you know can get you 20 percent or more penetration.

With the plethora of products and partners available out there, it may seem daunting to find the right mix. The thought of changing your line-up or or adding new products may seem like overkill right now. However, a customizable, comprehensive and competitive mix is what will bring in that extra $200 per vehicle.

Finally, you must deliver your menu presentations with confidence. When was the last time you participated in Menu Selling Training? Is your interview solid? Are you presenting the menu in the best way possible? And, what about objections?

With strong products, thorough customer knowledge and a solid, innovative partner, $200 more per car is definitely attainable.

Make 2009 your year! - AFI

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