Thursday, June 11, 2009

F&I Objection Handling: Roadside Assistance with Tire and Wheel Road hazard Protection

Objection: I have roadside assistance with AAA.

Response: Excellent. Obviously you already see the benefits of roadside assistance.

"Which AAA coverage plan do you have? AAA standard @ $64* per year? Or, AAA Plus @ $97* per year?"

"With AAA, you’ll be paying approximately $500* over 5 years, and you still won’t have protection from roadside hazards. For only $_____ per month you can have both the Roadside Assistance and Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Protection. Your tires are the only parts of your vehicle that touch the ground, and tire and wheel repairs are the most expensive repairs you will have that are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty."

Best Practices:

1. Know your product! Many manufacturers do not provide towing unless the breakdown is due to failure of a covered part. Towing is only available if the vehicle is still under factory warranty. How much factory bumper - to - bumper is still left on the vehicle?

2. Present your customer with a copy of owner’s manual detailing what’s covered by factory roadside assistance and present it as an “upgrade” to limited factory coverage.

3. Sell it as a combo. It is the Roadside Assistance and Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Protection Plan. Point out that the factory offers NO coverage for roadside hazards.

4. Stay current on AAA Membership Benefits and rates. For example, in the South, AAA’s Membership Benefits Chart can be found online at*


*** If anyone would like to offer this fantastic product in the F&I office, I am also the acting rep! Call 1-800-671-1454 or send an email to The incentive / rewards program for the F&I managers will blow your mind. LET"S TALK! --- AFI


Check out Tire and Wheel objection handling on this You-Tube Video:


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