Thursday, September 8, 2011

F&I Menu Presentation

Great menu presentation! I know this presentation was staged, but I love the way the guy came back in for the kill at the end.

This video is a good refresher for any F&I manager.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Objection Handling: How to Handle the "I'll Think it Over Objection "

Even though this is an F&I blog, the techniques in this close are VERY GOOD GUIDANCE for anyone selling cars for a living. Whether you are a rookie or a veteran, I highly recommend taking 9 minutes to go through this clip with Mark and re-apply these tried and proven sales tactics.

Maybe send the clip to your GM to show during a sales meeting...

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More on the US Fidelis fiasco


Saturday, April 30, 2011

F&IQ Radio is Here

Here is an idea whose time has come! LISTEN HERE

Radio host Loyd promotes the show:

"Each week with F&IQ Radio, I hope to bring F&I Managers something a different than word-tracks and typical F&I training materials.

As you know there hasn't been very much advancement in F&I Sales Training in the last 30 years (with the exception of the MENU system), and I hope to be able to bring some new ideas and concepts that will help you realize more success quickly.

Typically, each weekly episode will only last 10-15 minutes. So invest an hour a month to learn how to meet and exceed your dealership's revenue goals.

Please feel free to comment directly with me via e-mail:"

Listen to F&IQ Radio HERE

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Is This Your Best Rate? video

This video shows the most compliant way to answer the question: "Is that your best rate?"

Handling the "Best Rate" Question
Gerry Gould, Director of Training
United Development Systems, Inc.

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More on the US Fidelis fiasco


Friday, November 26, 2010

Objection Handling - PrePaid Maintenance

Just a refresher on a prepaid maintenance close that pretty much always works:

Objection: I don't want my payment ANY higher!

Handled: I do appreciate that Mr/Mrs customer because I feel exactly the same way. By prepaying for required maintenance, you will never have to worry about adding oil and filter changes and other items into a tight budget.

The fantastic news is that for only $_____ more per month, you will be able to budget these expenses at today's guaranteed prices rather than taking a chance on how much they are going to go up next year - much less 2 (3, 4 or 5) years from now.

Objection: So I'm only prepaying for oil changes?

Handled: Prepaid maintenance is much more than just an oil change program. While your car is in for service, you will receive safety inspections to alert you of potential problems, tire rotation and air filter changes.

Most important, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that only factory-trained technicians are touching your car. They'll spot potential problems that most other mechanics are going to miss.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

US Fidelis and Attorneys Generals Reach Settlememt

I'm following this story mainly out of my intense loathing for US Fidelis.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett has announced that he and 10 other states AG's have reached a settlement with US Fidelis. The St. Louis-based vehicle service contract provider was forced into bankruptcy in April after being charged with deceptive and misleading business practices.

Nils Frederickson, spokesman for the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General, said that the case and the settlement represent a solid victory for car buyers and a cautionary tale for unscrupulous marketers.

“This case should serve as clear warning: There are lines you can’t cross,” Frederikson states, "The rules that are in play, if you look at it from our perspective, are to benefit everyone.”

At the heart of Corbett’s investigation were claims that US Fidelis repeatedly and systematically ignored federal Do-Not-Call rules, among other violations. (I personally added my cell phone number to their database as a "hot lead" in early 2008 - I got called at least six times)

The company had been under investigation since 2008, a year in which US Fidelis employed more than 1,000 workers and generated $246.5 million in revenue. .

There soon followed a flood of reports from customers to the Better Business Bureau, each accusing US Fidelis of either pressuring or misleading them into purchasing a service contract or failing to pay claims. The company became the subject of more than 33,000 inquiries and 1,100 complaints from all 50 states in a 36-month period.

Read the rest of the article HERE:

The terms of the bankruptcy settlement will require the company’s owners, brothers Darain and Cory Atkinson, to surrender at least 90 percent of their assets. That includes a stake in 20 related corporations and $10.5 million dollars’ worth of personal property, including Darain Atkinson’s 40,000-square-foot Missouri mansion, a 50-foot yacht, and 35 other boats, cars and motorcycles.

Check out: "The bidding starts at 4.75 million for Atkinson mansion":

Serves 'em right!

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