Monday, September 14, 2009

Guide to Handling Objections: Identity Theft Protection

Objection: I monitor my credit reports on my own. I don't need it.

Response: Seventy-one percent of fraud happens within a week of the theft of your personal data.

How often do you monitor your credit reports?

For a small increase in your monthly payment, wouldn't you want the peace of mind that Identity Theft Protection provides?

Objection: If this would happen to me, I could fix it on my own.

Response: Did you know that most victims of identity theft lose thousands of dollars and lost wages, not to mention legal fees, trying to deal with their cases? It's awful.

You can spend months trying to repair the financial damage caused by identity theft.

It's not easy to remove the negative information from your credit reports.

Doing it on your own is very time consuming and will make you angry, irritated and depressed.

With Identity Theft Protection, you are assigned a personal recovery representative to manage your identity theft recovery and follow up for a year.

Objection: Identity theft happens to people who shop online. I never shop online, and I am very protective of my Internet passwords.

Response: According to identity theft experts, the Javelin Strategy & Research Center, low-tech methods for stealing personal information are still the most popular method of identity theft.

Stolen wallets and physical documents accounted for 43 percent of all identity theft last year, while online theft only accounted for 11 percent.

This program I am offering to you protects you from ALL TYPES of identity theft.


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