Friday, December 11, 2009

You Need a Solid Partner When it Comes to Tire & Wheel Road Hazard Protection

As Tire & Wheel Protection gains market share and program scope, it continues to be an evolving program for both third party administrators and underwriters.

However, due to recent developments in the industry, some providers may be leaving the Tire & Wheel business.

Others may not be offering a fully-compliant product.

You may have noticed changes from your providers and their insurers lately.

While this isn't a surprise due to today's challenging market, it makes it obvious who you want to partner with in the long run.

Where price in the short term used to be the key decision maker, sustainable relationships and coverage for your customers should be at the forefront of any decision process now.

Make sure that your Tire & Wheel partner and all of your F&I providers can provide the service and comprehensive coverage you expect for the long run.

Make sure your F&I provider:

* Offers free training for both agents and dealer personnel.

* Has solid relationships with A-rated insurers.

* Puts claims customer satisfaction first.

* Facilitates immediate credit card claim payments.

* Manages fully compliant programs.

* Offers the most comprehensive product on the market, not just a cheaper product that result in more exclusions (and less satisfaction).

Send an email to with Tire/Wheel Info as the heading and I will send you information on the BEST tire @ wheel program in the industry. It's the one I use and recommend.



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