Friday, March 20, 2009

Automotive Finance Department Video on Menu Presentation

Here is a fantastic F&I menu presentation (other than his cell phone ringing in the middle of it) by a guy named Jim Brink. I found it on YouTube during a brutally slow bell to bell.

The objection handling by this guy is excellent! Check it out.


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Blumax said...

Service contracts should never be referred to as a warranty....they are not warranties. I think the trainer needs to be trained if this is the best this guy can do. Cadence is very poor. Correcting himself creates confusion and when the customer is confused...they lose interest. I think this may be the worst finance menu presentation that I have ever seen.

50stateautoloan said...

Oh this is a Such a nice service you guise are do...good go ya:)

50stateautoloan said...

Oh this is such a nice service you guise are do...thanks for sharing..

bharatbook said...

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