Friday, March 7, 2008

Yes I am going to have to trade my Infiniti FX35

Not trying to give Infiniti a plug (as they are not paying me), and because recently I posted some very cool spy pics of the 2009 Infiniti FX on this site, I must make this announcement:

Infiniti has just released a photo slideshow this morning of the 2009 FX on the Infiniti website.

The real thing is even more wicked than the spy pics. The FX50 is going to be a BEAST !!! - check it out:

Link to 2009 FX slideshow

*** Attention Infiniti Marketing: ***

You really should consider putting a small (or large) ad on this site.

I own an Infiniti Fx35 which was purchased new (and you know your main purpose is to move new vehicles off the lot's of the franchised Infiniti dealers).

The fact that I personally am an owner has to mean something even if the prospect of being able to show advertising to the many visitors of this progressive and cutting edge blog isn't enough.

You know that spending Infiniti's promotional dollars on any of AFI's websites is the wisest use of each one of those dollars.

Email so we can work something out: For showing this level of creativity, you could get a promotion.

We then will as a joint venture, shout Infiniti's praises from the heavens. Hoorah.

I am serious.


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