Thursday, January 29, 2009

Guide to Handling Objections: Tire & Wheel, Paintless Dent (Combination Products)

Thanks to Safe-Guard Products International:

Objection: I don’t want to raise my payments anymore

Response: I understand … what you are saying is that you are on a budget and staying within it is important, correct?

Customer: Yes, that is correct.

Response: You will notice that with this protection, your payment is $548 per month and without it is $529 per month. So, for only $19 per month, you are budgeting for any future expenses and the peace of mind that goes with it. Wouldn’t you agree that the $548 payment makes more sense for your long term budget?

Objection: I already have insurance.

Response: I understand … Unfortunately, many of the perils that UVP protects you from will cost less than your deductible. Not to mention the fact that your insurance company will not replace or repair a rim or tire damaged by a road hazard. With UVP, you are protecting yourself from the three most common perils of owning an automobile. With this protection, you are buying not only peace of mind but convenience as well. Would you prefer the 3 year, or would you like to upgrade to the 5 year?

Objection: I just don't think I need it.

Response: I understand. Earlier you told me that you plan to trade this vehicle in 3 years like you have with your previous vehicles. Many factors go into the value of a trade-in such as: mileage, color, tire wear and body condition. The UVP coverage can easily increase the value of your trade because it’s going to cover the three most common perils of automobile ownership, and they will have been taken care of prior to trading your vehicle. Do you want to take advantage of the 3 year option or upgrade to the 5 just in case you keep this one a little longer then the last?

Objection: I can afford to pay for these items as they happen.

Response: I understand … and it is nice to know you have that to fall back on. But, if you don’t mind, could I ask you a question?

Customer: Sure.

Response: Why would you want to spend your time and energy on something you probably don’t really have time for? (Short pause)

With UVP, repairs can be made on your schedule and at the locations that allow better utilization of your time. UVP covers the three most common perils of owning an automobile and it’s not going to be a question of if they happen but when. Let me simplify your life today with the UVP program for only $19 a month or a single payment of ______.

Not bad.


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