Sunday, May 3, 2009

Handling F&I Objections: Paintless Dent Repair

Objection: My insurance will cover it.

Response: I understand … unfortunately, the cost of most body panel repairs are less than your deductible. This program covers those common and frustrating dents and dings that are unsightly and although expensive to repair, would usually cost less than your deductible.

Would you prefer the three-year, or would you like to upgrade to the five-year?

Objection: I don't think it's important.

Response: Do you remember how you felt when you discovered the first scratch or dent on a previous new car? As you were first getting out of your car, intuition probably told you that the person in the parking space next to you was going to open his car door into yours.

Seeing the ding probably drove you crazy.

Right now your new vehicle is perfect, but inevitably, normal wear and tear, not to mention the itiots in parking lots, will cause numerous dings and dents on your brand new car. With the Dent & Ding Protection, you can keep your car looking new for much longer and eliminate lots of frustration.

Objection: I just don't think I need it.

Response: Earlier, you told me that you plan to trade this vehicle in three years like you have with your previous vehicles. Many factors go into the value of a trade-in such as mileage, color, tire wear and body shape.

This coverage can easily increase the value of your trade because the dent and dings will have been taken care of prior to trading your vehicle.



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