Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ex-prison worker employee comes in handy as a customer vents his showroom rage with a knife attack

You can't make this stuff up...

Battlefield Ford (an appropriate name for this story) was the scene of a knife attack on a 38-year dealership employee.

According to a story carried by WCAV-TV a CBS affiliate in Charlottesville Virginia, Sixty-six-year-old James Jackson came to Battlefield Ford on Wednesday morning to complain about a vehicle he recently purchased at the dealership.

There was no indication in the written account on what lit his fuse, but during his confrontation with Butch, a 38-year employee of the dealership, Jackson produced a butcher knife and proceeded to attack him.

According to the report, Jackson was able to cut Butch several times before another dealership employee, Fred Nelson, was able to intervene and take Jackson to the floor.

According to another dealership employee, Nelson used to work at the prison and apparently was familiar with the techniques for disarming and neutralizing an angry armed man. The report indicates that once Nelson became involved, Jackson was quickly taken to the floor and pinned.

Jackson was arrested and charged with malicious wounding and is being held in jail pending a bail hearing.

No one else was wounded, but several were taken to the hospital to be cleaned up. Apparently it was a bloody scene.

(I was thinking about how the f&i manager might have contributed to this situation - you never know who will come back with a butcher knife - scary).

Another take on the story:

Buyer’s remorse: Dissatisfied car buyer returns to dealership and stabs salesman

The salesman and the customer, a retired dealership employee, knew each other. Quick action by another employee prevented things from getting worse.

DealersEdge Daily Headlines

Police in Virginia say that an angry customer stabbed a salesman at Battlefield Ford near Manassas, Virginia, reports WCAV-TV.

The customer was subsequently identified as a retired employee of the dealership. He was arrested for malicious wounding. Police say he came to the dealership to complain about a car he bought recently.

The salesman was sitting in his office when the attacker entered. The attacker “brought a bag and said, ‘Here, I’ve got something for you,” then pulled a knife and started slashing the salesman.

The incident is a good reminder for dealerships to have an emergency plan in place.


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