Thursday, July 17, 2008

F&I Acronyms

A friend of mine, David Teves posted on his blog "Confessions of a Car Man" an acronym for the F&I manager: Fool & Incompetent. I love it. It got me thinking about other F&I acronyms:

F***in Idiotic

Foolhardy & Inefficient

Failure & Incapable

Foolish & Inadequate

Fruitless & Imbecilic

Futile & Inappropriate

Fine & Intelligent?

Hey, If you can't laugh at yourself, it's a personal problem.

I just delivered three deals that got my month back on track - About damn time. This month might actually turn out decent after all. Good luck to all in the car business trying to pull out what should turn out to be a good July.


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