Wednesday, April 23, 2008

FL Senate weighs bill to “neuter” faux bull testicles on trailer hitches

A bill before the FL state senate would impose a fine of $60 for displaying fake bull testicles on vehicle trailer hitches.

I think we should we sell these in the F&I office
as an accessory!

State Senator Carey Baker is apparently upset over the popularity of a novelty car accessory that displays what looks like bull testicles on the trailer hitches. The false testicles appear to be a national trend and are popular with some pick up truck owners.

According to an article appearing in The Tampa Tribune the Florida State Senate is considering a bill that would impose a fine of $60 for displaying the fake testicles-some question whether or not the debate is an exercise in futility and an assault on First Amendment freedoms. This could be an interesting, if not entertaining, debate.

Apparently when first brought up on the senate floor, the senator’s debate was somewhat hampered by the presence of school children in the gallery.

Purveyors of the faux testicles include two Internet companies- Your Nutz and BullsBalls.

Your Nutz is a California company whose owner, David Ham, is very happy for the free publicity that these efforts generate. Your Nutz offers a variety of “styles” and colors including colors like sun-kissed sienna, dark forest green and an electric blue set that are lighted and produce a glow in the dark attraction.

BullsBalls is an Arizona company and boasts of selling about 500 sets per month. He too suggests that efforts by lawmakers to restrict their use actually create a big boost in sales.

The Tampa Tribune article quotes a cultural anthropologist, Alan Burns, from the University of Florida in Gainesville. According to Burns, “I suspect that it’s not as much some kind of statement about manliness as it is just some kind of goofiness.” (Do ya think?)

Tiny set for a Prius

Burns goes on to say, “I drive a Prius, so I wouldn’t put them on it.” (I guess that would not be a good fit.)

Given the online feedback to this story, it looks like Florida residents are not very impressed with their legislator’s choice of topics to debate- most calling it a total waste of time.


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