Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The TOP TEN STUPID Things Said To a Lender When Re-hashing a Deal

Posted by Marla Belson on Selling Iron

The Parody continues……

10) After he moved they never forwarded his payment statements so he didn’t know where to send it or when it was due.... Really!

9) He went through a really bad divorce; she ran up alllll his credit cards and left him.
That @#(&%^*!!!!!

8) What, you see bad checks???? I didn’t catch that on my TU..... We must pull different credit reports.... Hmmm...... So, what is the rate????

7) Hey what are a few repos and bad checks amongst friends.... So, what is the rate???

6) Oh really I didn't know what that a tax lien for $10,000 isn't that good I suppose. So anyway, what’s the rate????

5) This guy has so much money down you should hope he goes bad, you will MAKE MONEY!

4) I have it approved everywhere as-is, I just need you to make an exception because I really want you to have it.

3) (The always friendly) Buy/fund this deal or you will never see another contract from me. I know a lot of people in this business I'll tell everyone your company $#%Q.

2) Well....can you waive POI... I can't prove it.


1) The infamous.....I really need a favor on this ONE deal. He's a friend of the owner. We aren't making ANY money on this ONE. No, I mean really we aren’t!!!!!


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alex said...

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