Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day In The Life Of a Car Salesman

Author unknown. This was forwarded to me in an email. Post a comment if anyone knows the author.

So you want to be a Car Salesman!

6:00 Alarm goes off.

6:00 Hit Snooze on Alarm.

6:15 Hit Snooze on Alarm.

6:30 Hit Snooze on Alarm.

6:45 Wife punched me in back yelling "You are going to be late for work."

6:55 Stagger to bathroom to shower and shave.

7:00 All the sales Guru's tell you to look yourself in the mirror and say, "I am GREAT!" "I am the BEST!" Maybe tomorrow I can do it without laughing.

7:30 Can't be late for work again, put shirt in dryer instead of ironing.

8:00 Leave for work to get there early, they tell me I will sell more cars if I am early.

8:10 Return home to get cell phone.

8:30 Leave for work again after stalling for another 20 minutes.

9:10 Walk into sales meeting 10 minutes late, Sales Manager makes an example out of me. Tells new Sales Reps that early birds always get the worm, bla, bla, bla. I got a worm for ya is what I wanted to say. He must have had knee pads on during his interview to get a Managers Job!

10:30 Finally get out of meeting after hearing the same story, "When I was selling cars...." When you was selling cars, you could get a homeless person approved for a loan.

11:00 Walk almost a mile around the car lot trying to shake off another negative meeting.

11:30 Finally have time to get a cup of coffee, this will surely make me feel better.

11:45 Sit coffee down outside to catch a customer--Reach to shake hands--customer says "I am not buying anything, I am picking someone up from your service Department." Ok, Ok, I guess you can do that dude!

11:50 Coffee should be cooled enough to drink-Forget about rude old man-Wow, coffee has a cigarette butt floating in it!

12:00 Go to lunch to keep from strangling someone.

1:00 Get back to work--Your cousin is talking to another salesman. (in car sales if a customer does not ask for you, it is not your customer.) Cousin sees you and says "I didn't know this was the dealership you worked at."

1:30 Salesman sales car to your cousin. Wow, I will never live this down, but try to lessen the impact by saying "it was a distant cousin," I have not seen them in years!

2:00 Catch cousin alone and tell them "Give me my house key, you are going to have to find you another place to live!"

2:30 Finally catch a customer that seems very interested in a GMC Yukon. After the test drive, the customer says, "My company is buying the vehicle for me and they usually get it directly from the factory, I just wanted to make sure I liked it."

3:30 Catch another customer that is very interested in a used car, test drive, write up, appraise trade, present numbers....Customer says, "I just got hired at XYZ Motors and they told me to mystery shop to see how the process goes. Thanks for your time." OH, not today! You may want to call XYZ Motors to come and get you because Its a MYSTERY as to where your trade in keys are!

4:00 Get paged to back lot (Customer Waiting) which is not uncommon, but it is about 1/2 mile walk and golf carts are nowhere to be found so take off walking. See Salesman hiding behind cars laughing because they made up the fake page!

4:30 Call doctor and ask him symptoms of high blood pressure!

5:00 All Sales Personnel are needed on showroom floor. Sales Manager says, "We are going to have a lot party." Great finally something fun for today! I find out a lot party is where you rearrange all cars on the lot. You have got to be kidding!

5:30 to 9:00 work with customer on a new GMC Acadia--had trouble closing the deal and had to split with another salesman to close the deal. I was supposed to get off at 8:00, but at least I sold one. The other salesman tells me, "Your part of the commission is $50 dollars!

9:30 Go to Wal-Mart pharmacy to use their blood pressure machine

9:45 See your cousin that purchased a car from your dealership. Told him the car he bought had been wrecked! Maybe his blood pressure will be as high as mine.

The next time you go to your local dealership and it seems if all the salesman are not in the best of moods, realize customers do come first, but it could have been a rough day!


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