Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The TOP TEN Things That Crack-Up a Special Finance Manager During a Credit Interview with a Customer.

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The TOP TEN things that crack up a Special Finance Manager during a credit interview with a customer.

10) I didn’t know where to send my payments after I moved.

9) My ex-wife/husband ran up all my credit cards before we got divorced.
That @#$%^#^&!!!!!!

8) What, all those checks really bounced?

7) I didn’t know all those charged off phone companies where on my credit, I don’t know
anything about it! But I do have a “pay as you go” phone now!!!

6) That car was a lemon it needed too much work so I gave it back.

5) If I gave the car back and I drove it to them, that isn’t really a repo, is it?????

4) Hey, what are two or three repos and a few bad checks amongst friends???
So, what is my interest rate?

3) I never saw those charge offs before, they can not be mine?

2) “Hey, it isn’t my fault!!!!!”


1) I am not going to pay for something I do not like!!!!

Ok, but everything you liked in the past, never got “paid for” either?????


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